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CCleaner in Microsoft blacklist

A post from the Italian site HTNovo reports that Microsoft added CCNanX application 11 domains to a blacklist in official Answers support site.

It is quite common to see forums blocking specific sites, e.g. sites that are malicious in nature or problematic for other reasons. But it is very rare for legitimate websites to be blocked in official forums of large companies.


The Italian website reveals that the domain is one of the domains excluded from the company but does not list the remaining ten that Microsoft added to its blacklist. The image above shows the URL of a moderators forum listing all blocked domains. You will see the latest on

A quick test in the Microsoft Answers forum confirms that the domain automatically changes to **** when included in a post. It doesn't matter if the protocol is used or www, the domain changes automatically after publication.

Why did Microsoft exclude this domain? No one can say for sure.

But let's remember the course of application:


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