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A user reports that he was locked out of his Revolut bank accounts

One user reported maintaining two Revolut accounts, one personal and one business, and used them regularly. The performance of Revolut is satisfactory, but its black box approach to interactions with the rest of the world results in countless compliance disasters for them users. The user has previously reported various problems encountered by Revolut, such as the lack of timely resolution of support problems and believed that they would be corrected so that Revolut would reach the point of becoming a reliable financial company.

The user experience seems to have started when he chose to try "Revolut Business" to pay a customer an amount once the project is completed, giving the details of the Revolut account. But the customer had not paid for months and during this period Revolut changed the interbank information account who was in invoice. Once the customer finally tried to pay, there were multiple controls that were scheduled to be made in the Revolut business account, which never came to his account successfully. Of course all this caused discomfort on both sides, so the user gave the customer the new account details to try again to make the payment he made. Of course the payment did not appear to have been made in Revolut's account. Of course the user reports that he contacted Revolut above.


Nevertheless, what followed was unprecedented. THE user was locked out of his accounts on Friday 13 September. The user naturally tries to contact Revolut to resolve the issue theme and mentions attributes "I'm sure my communication with communications department of Revolut with details of failed transactions was just an extremely remarkable coincidence in this unique new experience… but never before had I been locked out of my bank account, let alone two accounts.

To date, the user has not been informed by Revolut about their reason locked his bills. The user states "There seems to be no urgent need for Revolut to help customers solve these mysterious issues or even tell them what their problem is."

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