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Home security Guidewire: Upgrades the cyber risk management platform

Guidewire: Upgrades the cyber risk management platform

GuidewireGuidewire Software, a company provider announced that it will release its fourth generation (Model 4) Guidewire Cyence for Cyber ​​Risk Management. It is a tool that calculates the damage (and its origin) resulting from an attack ransomware in a business.

According to Guidewire researchers attacks Ransomware increased by 118% during the first quarter of 2019. The malicious hackers create new ransomware and constantly find new ways to invade systems of the victims. Their goal is to influence as much as possible businesses and ask for large sums of money. Some of the attacks can disrupt business. The financial damage they cause can be enormous.

Guidewire is constantly evolving its data and methods to provide greater control over its threats at cyberspace. “The Model 4 will be delivered with increased transparency. Users will be able to delve deeper into the model so they can better understand cyber risks and calculate what losses they might have from an attack.

The Model 4 will come with many new features and enhancements.

“Cyence for Cyber ​​Risk Management, Model 4, adds exciting new features to insurance companies, ”said Paul Mang, general manager of Guidewire's data service. “We believe it will help insurance companies in their field security in cyberspace, to appreciate them more confidently risks from ransomware attacks. "


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