HomesecurityDefect in Internet Explorer gives administrator rights to a hacker

Defect in Internet Explorer gives administrator rights to a hacker


Η Microsoft products recently issued a notice warning its users that there is a serious vulnerability remote code execution (CVE-2019-1367), in the oldest Internet Explorer browser. The company seems to have taken the dangerous flaw very seriously, as it released an emergency patch for it.

As reported by company information, RCE vulnerability affects how the Internet Explorer scripting engine handles μνήμη. It could lead to memory abuse, allowing an attacker to execute malicious code.

By exploiting this vulnerability, intruders can gain the same management rights to a system as the normal user. This means that if the user has administrator rights, the attacker will also gain the same rights and be able to do things like install / uninstall applications and even create new users with administrator privileges.

Microsoft also said that vulnerability can be exploited through it Internet, if one hacker cheat a user to visit a specially designed malicious website.

If Internet Explorer is used to browse the Internet, then you need to install the security update immediately, via Windows Update. You can also manually install the update using this link. Affected versions of Windows include Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

In addition to Microsoft and US Homeland Security has also advised users to install security updates as soon as possible.

Surprisingly, 8% of users are still fanatics of Internet Explorer. Paradoxically, the market share of this browser exceeds its share Safari and Apple Edge.

Whatever the case, this new flaw gives us one more reason not to use Internet Explorer and remove it immediately from our machine. Earlier, another bug discovered in the browser allowed attackers to steal user files, even from those who did not use the browser in question.

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