HomerapidshareNim version of 1.0: Programming language inspired by Python

Nim version of 1.0: Programming language inspired by Python

The developers of the Nim programming language have released version 1.0, promising developers a "solid foundation" for their code that will not be broken by future versions of Nim.

Nim is a static programming language based on concepts from Modula-3, Delphi, Ada, C ++, Python, Lisp and Oberon. However, since it is one programming language with a static system, it has also been compared to Rust, C ++ and Go.


The Nim compiler can create executables for distribution to systems Windows, Linux, BSD and macOS. It is also compiled in C, C ++ and JavaScript. Nim has extensive support processors including the native Nim, Aporia, Visual Studio Code, Emacs and Vim processors.

As previously announced, Nim 1.0 is intended to be long-term supported stable version that only receives bug fixes and new features in future provided they do not break backwards compatibility. However, this warranty does not extend to identifying serious security vulnerabilities that could break the code.

Nim appeared on 2008 from German developer Andreas Rumpf, who uses the name Araq on IRC and GitHub.

As he explains in a blogpost, Nim's original goal was to be a "plain language" compiled in C and should not exceed 20.000 lines of code. It would rely on a macro system to fill in gaps in the small kernel. Today, the compiler and the regular library uses about 140.000 series code.

With 1.0, Rumpf's next goal for Nim will be to improve deployment tools such as Nimsuggest, a code integration mechanism for several code editors, the Nimble package manager, and the formatting tool source code Nimpretty.

While Nim can be used to write one kernel, can also run on micro-controllers and other embedded systems. And since it is compiled in JavaScript, it can also be used for web pages or for creating games and applications.

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