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TOP Fake GPS apps to protect your privacy!

Every day most of us use it GPS apps for many reasons. From moving in and out of the city, to calling a taxi to location or find the best coffee near us. Have you ever thought that knowing your exact location at any time can be very dangerous? Your personal or professional privacy could easily be affected. To help with this, there are Fake GPS apps that change your location and we'll see them along the way.

Fake GPS apps

  1. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

it is about a application that doesn't give users full access, which means they can't choose the location they want themselves. However, if we exclude this application is excellent and has more than four stars in Google PlayStore.

Fake GPS

  1. Mock Locations

Mock Location is one of the Fake GPS apps that has a good one interface and high rating. This allows you to provide an alternative location than your real one and even the user can customize the position he / she wants to declare.

Fake GPS apps

  1. Fake GPS - Fake Location

The interface is user-friendly and the app lets you bookmark any site you want. However, it does not allow you to edit your location at any time. Aside from that, the feature that this app offers is similar to most Fake GPS apps. The convenience use and many features make it a good app and are also top-rated on the PlayStore.

Fake GPS app

  1. Fake GPS

With this Whatsapp you have all the features that other Fake GPS apps offer you, but you can't use it right after launching it. device. However, this is an excellent application, which guarantees that no one will ever know where you are.

Fake GPS

  1. Fake GPS Location

This is a popular application among the developers. It has a clean interface and allows the user to bookmark the site they want, and it starts automatically at startup. If you want to make the app change your location from time to time to make it even more misleading.

Fake GPS apps

  1. Location Spoofer

It is one of the "light" Fake GPS apps and so it is very popular. It also has a great rating on the PlayStore for Android.

Fake GPS app

  1. Fake GPS Location- Hola

It is one of the most popular apps in this category and works almost like other apps. However, it does make a slight difference as it allows you to bookmark your location, but you won't be able to update it.

Fake GPS apps

  1. Mock GPS Pro

This is another smart app. Here you can set a favorite location and when you open the app, you can automatically set your location according to your choice.

Fake GPS

  1. Mockation

Mockation offers a combination of other applications, giving you the privilege to bookmark your fake site. The app is relatively new to other Fake GPS apps on the market.


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