HomesecurityWeWork's WiFi network is leaking sensitive user information

WeWork's WiFi network is leaking sensitive user information


Network vulnerabilities WiFi of WeWork in the Manhattan-based company building that were exhibited sensitive data companies, were discovered by a tenant in the same building who wanted to make sure his organization's data had not leaked.

What happened?

Temmu Airamo, a WeWork workplace tenant, shares the building with some 200 companies.

2015, his organization was working on sensitive documents. To ensure that there were no problems security, scanned the network and found financial files and Appliances owned by other companies.

Airamo systematically scans for WiFi networks and says nothing has changed in four years, despite multiple attempts to communicate with WeWork management.

The vulnerability was first reported by Fast Company.

It was also discovered that many WeWork workplaces use the same password for WiFi networks. These passwords were also easy to guess.

More details

The building houses many financial and legal companies that handle a lot of sensitive data. This vulnerability has also been found to affect companies that do not have offices in any of the WeWork workplaces but work with an organization in the building.

Data belonging to two loan companies was found at network. These companies do not have offices in California or New York, where the WeWork workplaces are located.

An insurance company, Axa XL, was also affected by this vulnerability. The leak in this case is believed to be due to its collaboration with a start-up housed in the WeWork workplace.

Airamo started using it VPN, after discovering security vulnerabilities on the WiFi network.

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