HomesecurityMicrosoft: The biggest risk for businesses is cyberattacks

Microsoft: The biggest risk for businesses is cyberattacks

businessesAccording to a study by Marsh et al Microsoft, the biggest threatening for businesses it is cyberattacks. Nowadays, businesses are more concerned about these attacks than about the financial crisis, the problems that may arise with their brand or the regulations put in place by various committees.

The survey involved managers 1.500 Business. Research has shown that it has been given more importance in safety at cyberspace and that taking action by businesses is much more common compared to two years ago.

2017, Marsh and Microsoft had done the same research and found that 62% of businesses considered cyberattacks to be one of the top five risks. In the current investigation, the same view was expressed by 79%. Also, 2017, only 6% of businesses considered cyberattacks the number 1 risk. It is now considered by 22%.

According to the report Global Risks Report, data theft and cyberattacks are among the top 5 risks. They are behind extreme weather and climate change concerns.

Much has been done in the last two years attacks, which caused great damage to companies around the world. 2017, the ransomware WannaCry affected too many businesses. The USA they blamed the North Korea for the attacks. After that, another catastrophic occurred malicious software, which was called NotPetya and was considered to have started from hackers of the Kremlin.

Another serious threat is the ransomware attacks, which are very common. In recent months, many local governments The US has been targeted by gang ransomware and some have been forced to pay large sums of money.

Also a lot universities have received attacks aimed at gaining access to library files.

However, nowadays, the most common and costly threat is frauds for infringement corporate emails (follow ransomware).

According to research by Marsh and Microsoft, 47% of organizations have hired cybersecurity experts. 2017, this percentage was 34%.

Most (89%) of the companies surveyed said they were confident about the insurance companies, stating that they could cover the cost of a cyberattack.

However, there are companies, such as Mondelez and the drug maker Merck, that have fallen victim to NotPetya, 2017, and insurance companies. Companies they refused to pay the cost of the attacks, so the two companies could move legally and file lawsuits against the insurers.

End, 55% of respondents said they were "particularly concerned" about cyberattacks, financed by foreign governments and argued that their own government should take steps to protect the country's businesses.

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