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Put the Cascadia Code font on the command line in Windows 10

See this guide on how to download and install the new Cascadia Code font on the command prompt and on Windows PowerShell.

Each font serves a different purpose. Some look great on a restaurant menu, some look great on a business card and others on comics. In this logic, Microsoft made it Cascadia Code font, specially designed for the Windows command line and more generally for applications that enter programming code.

Those of you with Command Prompt or PowerShell can see how to download and install the new font.

Install Cascadia Code in Command Prompt
Cascadia Code is an open source TTF font. Go to this page Github and download from the Cascadia.ttf file.

To install the font, double-click the downloaded Cascadia.ttf file, and in the window that opens, click Install. The installation takes only a few seconds.

Open the Command Prompt and right-click on the title bar of the window. From the context menu, select 'Properties'. Go to the Font tab and look for the list of fonts under the Font box. Select the Cascadia Code and click OK.

When you return to the command prompt, you will see the new font. This setting will apply every time you open Command Prompt.

Install Cascadia code in PowerShell
For PowerShell do exactly the same things you did in Command Prompt. Open PowerShell and right-click on the title bar. From the context menu, select Properties.

Go to the Font tab and look for the Cascadia Code in the Fonts list in the Font section. Select it and click OK.

You can change the font at any time if you don't like the look of the new one. Once Cascadia Code is installed throughout the system, you will be able to use it in other applications that allow you to select a font such as Microsoft Word, Illustrator,, Photoshop etc.

Please note that the new Cascadia Code does NOT support English. If you are running the Greek version of Windows, then where you have Greek letters in the command line application, you will see a rectangular shape in place. Microsoft didn't do us any good in this regard.

Alternatively, if you want a font made for code that supports Greek and Cyrillic, then try Hack. The installation method is the same.



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