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Microsoft has released the new free Cascadia Code font

Microsoft today released a new, open source font called Cascadia Code and you can find it at website GitHub the company's.


Η Cascadia Code font, announced at the Microsoft Build event in May, is a one-dimensional font specifically designed for those who write code or work in terminal applications and software development environments.

The font is available as a standalone download. It will also be included in the next Windows Terminal update, according to Microsoft.

Windows users who download the font to their system can right-click it to install it or select a preview to display a font preview window.

The preview shows all the main characters of the font, as well as how to display it in different font sizes. The window has a print and install button.

Linux users and depending on the distribution they use, can also install the font. Ubuntu-based systems as well as Ubuntu itself accept the fc-cache -f -v command to install new fonts.

The Cascadia Code font, like font Hack As we mentioned earlier, they are designed specifically for writing code, but can of course be used for other, simpler, purposes only.

The font version follows the Windows version system. The first version of Cascadia Code is the 1909.16 release, which states that it was released on September 16 to the public. You can download from here.


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