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Home security Mozilla Firefox Private Network prepares proxy servers

Mozilla Firefox Private Network prepares proxy servers

Firefox Private Network: Mozilla has restarted a Firefox trial that had previously stopped in January on 2019.

The new feature it is currently testing is 'Firefox Private Network', a private proxy service supported by Cloudflare.

Firefox Private Network

The company says the new service may be useful on networks that you can't trust, such as a public Wi-Fi network.

Once connected to the service, it hides your IP address and the traffic between your computer and the proxy server is encrypted.

The browser will establish a secure connection to the nearest Cloudflare data center and the Cloudflare proxy server will protect you from malicious third parties.

Key Features of Firefox Private Network

    Protection when in public WiFi access points. If you wait at the airport or at a café, your internet connection will be protected when using the Firefox browser thanks to a secure web tunnel. All your sensitive information such as the web addresses you visit, personal and financial information will be protected.
    Internet Protocol (IP) addresses will be hidden, making it harder to find.

Your IP address is like a home address for your computer. One of the reasons you might want to keep it a secret is to prevent ad networks from tracking your browsing history. Firefox Private Network will hide your IP address by providing protection from third-party trackers across the web.
    Activate the service at any time. Clicking on the browser extension can turn the service on or off if you don't need it.

The feature is reminiscent of Opera's slightly embedded VPN, which, despite the name, it's also an encrypted proxy server.

Firefox Private Network is released as an extension of the browser. It is currently restricted to Firefox users residing in the U.S. During the tests, the service will be available free of charge. In the future, Mozilla may start charging the security service.



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