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Daas the end of the PC we know and LibreOffice

Daas and SaaS: It's been 38 years since the IBM computer was released. He was not the first computer, but he was the one who led Bill Gates and Microsoft to success.

Since then the PC revolution has begun. Prior to that time, only hobbyists and scientists had access to computers.

Then came the reliance on the big computer companies, Microsoft first and then Apple the 1984.

But we had the power. We have gone through the golden age of personal computers. Power-users decided what we would use in the office, not the CIO.

The first change of the “bring your own device” type did not start with 2004 with the first smartphones. It happened in the '80 decade, with the rise of cheap IBM clones. I remember transferring my non-portable Compaq Portable to the office because it gave me more flexibility in my work.

That's what happened then. Let's see what's happening now.

Today, we still have computers in our office, but increasingly, we use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) programs such as Office 365. Indeed, the popular Google Chromebook, based on Linux, uses Google SaaS applications.

And it's not just applications. Microsoft seems to be directing the market to a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) model.

Or, let's just say it might sound more familiar: Windows as a Service.

Using Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD), Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility + Security package, the system management goes to the Cloud, and comes as a package with Microsoft 365 Enterprise.


The next step, the Windows Virtual Desktop, it's almost here. It will allow you to virtualize on Windows 7 and 10, Office 365 ProPlus applications, and other Azure-based virtual machine applications.

Microsoft is not the only one starting to focus on the DaaS model. Citrix, which also goes "wherever the wind blows", prepares its own DaaS offerings as well as VMware.

I don't think Windows 10 as a standalone desktop operating system will cease to exist. After all, we will need to log in somewhere to access a virtual desktop.

Of course, all of the above may sound very nice to some people who love SaaS programs. I don't blame them.

The Chrome OS Pixelbook with Google Docs is handy. But DaaS and SaaS trends also have a dark side.

If we finally start using some all-in-one SaaS, we give all the power to big companies.

We go back to the 70 decade when IBM was preparing the public for the use of computers. Today, it will be Google and Microsoft, but the model seems to be the same.

In the future if you want to have your own environment, you'll need either a Mac desktop, or a Linux computer. This is one of the reasons I prefer Linux with open source software like LibreOffice. I'm responsible for my system, and my data.

The conventional Intel computer that we have been using for decades has been lost, and it will take us ...



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