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DigiKam 6.2 advanced photo management application

DigiKam 6.2: A free open-source advanced digital photo management application for the introduction of their organization. OR digiKam is an advanced open source digital photo management application running on Linux, Windows and MacOS X.

DigiKam 6

The application provides a complete set of tools for importing, managing, editing and sharing photos and primary files.

You can use digiKam's input capabilities to easily transfer photos, primary files and videos directly from your camera and external storage devices (SD cards, USB drives, etc.). The app allows you to set the import settings and rules that process and organize the imported items on the spot.DigiKam

DigiKam organizes photos, raw files and videos in albums. However, the app also has powerful tagging tools that allow you to tag labels, ratings, and labels on photos and primary files. Then you can use the filtering function to quickly find objects that match specific criteria.

In addition to filtering functionality, digiKam has powerful search capabilities that let you search the photo library using a wide range of criteria. You can search for photos with tags, ratings, data, location, and even specific EXIF, IPTC or XMP metadata. You can also combine various criteria for more advanced searches. DigiKam uses the Exiv2 library to manipulate the label and metadata contents of the files to complete the photo library.

DigiKam can handle raw files and the application uses the excellent LibRaw library to decode them. The library is maintained and regularly updated to include support for the latest camera models.

The application provides a complete set of editing tools, such as basic tools for color adjustment, trimming and color enhancement, as well as advanced tools for adjusting curves, panoramic seams and more. A special tool allows the automatic adjustment of lens corrections to images.

The extended functionality of digiKam is implemented through a set of plugins. You can easily customize digiKam by enabling and disabling individual tools, especially for importing and exporting content to remote web services.

The latest version is digiKam 6.2.0 and can be downloaded from the following links:

dKam-6.2.0-MacOS-x86-64.pkg 31-Jul-2019 19: 02 287M Details
dKam-6.2.0-MacOS-x86-64.pkg.sig 31-Jul-2019 19: 02 833 Details
dKam-6.2.0-Win32.exe 31-Jul-2019 19: 09 327M Details
dKam-6.2.0-Win32.exe.sig 31-Jul-2019 19: 09 833 Details
dKam-6.2.0-Win32.tar.xz 31-Jul-2019 19: 16 350M Details
dKam-6.2.0-Win32.tar.xz.sig 31-Jul-2019 19: 16 833 Details
dKam-6.2.0-Win64.exe 31-Jul-2019 19: 23 331M Details
dKam-6.2.0-Win64.exe.sig 31-Jul-2019 19: 24 833 Details
dKam-6.2.0-Win64.tar.xz 31-Jul-2019 19: 31 355M Details
dKam-6.2.0-Win64.tar.xz.sig 31-Jul-2019 19: 31 833 Details
dkam-6.2.0-i386.appimage 31-Jul-2019 19: 42 473M Details
dkam-6.2.0-i386.appimage.sig 31-Jul-2019 19: 42 833 Details
dkam-6.2.0-x86-64.appimage 31-Jul-2019 19: 52 467M Details
dkam-6.2.0-x86-64.appimage.sig 31-Jul-2019 19: 52 833 Details
digikam-6.2.0.tar.xz 31-Jul-2019 19: 59 324M Details
dkam-6.2.0.tar.xz.sig 31-Jul-2019 19: 59 833 Details


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