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Gmail at work? Now with a security sandbox

Gmail security sandbox: Google continues to develop new security features to help users stop ransomware that is commonly circulated by email.

Although massive ransomware attacks are not so frequent, targeted attacks are increasing and are causing major problems for companies and government agencies. We have recently mentioned that a city council in Florida decided to pay 600.000 to ransom after a ransomware attack.

Gmail security sandbox

Google's new security sandbox aims to tackle the threats that come from the inbox by addressing the malicious scripts attached.

Email attachments can be opened normally, but Google can check the behavior of the scripts they may contain and detect the threats.

The company announced this feature in beta format this April and has now made it available to G Suite users.

The security feature is similar to the Office 365 features available to Microsoft corporate clients through Advanced Threat Protection. Advanced Threat Protection offers a "booth" for opening URLs and additional protection against e-fishing.

G Suite administrators can configure the messages to be sent via sandbox to received emails or quarantined by admin. Features will be released to Google corporate customers within a few weeks.

Google also helps protect against spam in businesses using Gmail (business email compromise or BEC), which has cost American companies 1,3 billion dollars 2018.

"The default security feature promises to help companies detect unverified emails that try to infringe on your domain and choose to automatically display a warning banner, send it directly to spam or quarantine messages." says Google.

Finally, Google introduced the automated "confidential" or confidential mode email in Gmail that we mentioned previous publication.

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