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Windows 10 change the size of the icons

Windows 10 icons: The desktop is the main area of ​​the screen that you see when you turn on your computer and log on to Windows. Just like in a real office, your computer desktop serves to place various "things."

So there are folders or shortcuts to programs, documents, and whatever you want to have quick access to.

Windows 10

Below we will see how you can easily change the size of desktop icons in Windows 10.

You can restore the size and layout of icons with a restart in the explorer process while you are connected.
The size and layout of the icons on your desktop remain in memory until you disconnect.

Windows 10 Change with Mouse

First way (the well-known)

Right click on your desktop or press and hold the Shift + F10 keys. Click on View, and select from the Large icons, Medium icons, or Small icons list.

Second way

Click on your desktop. Press and hold Ctrl. Start scrolling on your mouse wheel until you are satisfied with the size of your icons. Then release the Ctrl key.

Windows 10 Change with the keyboard

Click on your desktop. Press and hold down the Shift + Ctrl keys. Then tap a number from 1 to 8 until you are satisfied with the size of your icons. The numbers below, except the size, change the layout. Then release the Shift and Ctrl keys.

Note: will not work using the numeric keypad. You will need to use the numbers at the top of your keyboard.

NumberSize and layout
1Very large icons
2Large icons
3Medium icons
4Small icons

That's it!

Bonus Tip: Restart to explorer

Open Task Manager and find the Windows Explorer process in the Processes tab. Select the process with one click and press the Restart button.
right-click on Windows Explorer, and click on Restart.



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