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Firefox Lockbox for Android new security app

Firefox Lockbox for Android Devices: Mozilla seeks to stand out from its competitors by focusing heavily on privacy and security. The latest application of the company in this endeavor is Firefox Lockbox for Android, which promises secure and private password storage.

Of course the application allows users to stay connected to their favorite applications and services safely.

But do we need another password manager?

It can. Firebox Lockbox does its job well (according to Mozilla) compared to other password managers from the initial installation process, which is designed to be as painless as possible.

After you install the application, it automatically copies your passwords from Firefox.
Once copied, you can also see them in plain text using your phone's fingerprint reader or facial recognition.

The application is also linked to the Firefox desktop version. According to Mozilla, passwords are encrypted in 256-bit.

Firefox Lockbox is available for download from Google Play. For iPhone friends there is one iOS version.



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