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MX Linux why should Windows friends try it out

At we love and highly recommend the MX Linux operating system. It is a Linux distribution based on the Debian stable, and we recommend it to anyone, experienced or beginner.

The distribution came from a collaboration between antiX and MEPIS Linux communities that has ceased to grow.

It uses Xfce as the default desktop, and is an operating system that combines an elegant and efficient desktop with simple settings, high stability, consistent performance and minimal footprint. In short, it is a fairly light distribution that does not sacrifice quality.
MX Linux

At first glance, you will not see too many changes that make the distribution different from the others. But there are ... they are thin but essential. The MX Tools tool, for example ... Converts a Linux system to the standards that have Windows friends.

MX Tools is one of the best and most unique Linux projects. It is original, and especially useful, especially for new users. It features many system fixes, tweak apps, encoders and drivers and the great Package Installer.
If you do not want to use the command line, you do not have to.

You can directly install Nvidia encoders and graphics drivers. You can create a bootable file of your system or snapshots if you are afraid something may be wrong.

One of the best MX Tools applications is the Package Installer utility that allows you to install software that usually does not exist in repos. So instead of looking for software on the internet, just use the Package Installer.

There are all the basics to get started: Chrome, Opera, Spotify, Skype, Steam. Teamviewer and many other useful programs. The Package Installer also allows you to use repos with a different level of stability. So you can install test and backport packages or even applications that are still in beta.

Windows user and hate the terminal? You do not need it. You can do everything in a graphical environment while you are being trained in the Linux environment.

The installer of the distribution is simple and fast. It allows you to install MX Linux on a partition of your choice, and will suggest how to install the bootloader so you do not spoil Windows that you may have as your primary system.

Want to try distribution?

Why try it?

For all the above. In addition, you will be sure that Microsoft will not monitor you through telemetry, and of course the next update will not disrupt your system.


  1. Because I have tried it, crazy windows will probably have difficulty. Mainly in setup and install issues. If you are not familiar with dpkg and terminal issues, things get even more difficult ... .That xubuntu and dry bread ... ..


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