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Google Password Checkup security extension for Chrome

Google Password Checkup: is a new extension for the Google Chrome browser. The extension was developed by Google and informs users of any unsecured usernames or passwords.

Some password managers (password managers) have password checks, but Google thought it good idea to add controls to the browser used by the majority of Internet users.

Yes, Google Password Checkup is available as a Chrome extension. It works only with the Chrome browser password manager and not with third-party password managers like LastPass or 1Password.

The Google extension uses a very different system to inform users about unsafe passwords.

Google Password Checkup: how it works

Controls the passwords you use to sign in to Internet accounts from a database that contains more than 4 billion passwords.
Google has a list of user names and passwords in encrypted and hashed format and updates it with new credentials appearing to be freely available on the Internet.

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The company notes that the expansion and the system were designed in a privacy-friendly way. The extension "never reveals personal information to Google" and "prevents intruders trying to access Password Checkup."

The Password Checkup extension sends hashed and encrypted copies of the username to Google when users try to connect to websites. Google (according to the company) uses this information anonymously to look for the passwords that have leaked into the database.

The final check that determines whether the username or password has been leaked is done locally according to the company.


Google Password CheckupGoogle plans to improve expansion in the coming months. You can read it announcement of extension for more information.

As mentioned before, the Google Password Checkup extension uses a different approach from all password leakage controllers. User name and password are only controlled when the user tries to connect to a web page.

Download the extension

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