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7 locations for free desktop icons for Windows 10

You can replace your desktop icons in Windows 10 by impressing your friends. All you need to do is look at the seven best sources of icons we have listed for you today.


There are a large number of websites that offer free icons for Windows. We in this article will let you know about the seven best websites where you can download such icons, free and secure. Let's go see:

1. DeviantArt
The Deviantart.com is the largest online art community, with more than 47 million members, both as artists and as enthusiastic friends of art. It has a large number of beautiful and well-made images by artists around the world. The community is constantly adding new content and we are sure you can find something that suits you.


2. IconArchive
The IconArchive.com has over 600.000 images. Most of them are excellent, and many are free even for commercial use. The site offers grouping of icons in the same style for uniform appearance and easy search. All you have to do is type the type of icon you want in the search bar.


3. FindIcons
The Findicons.com is another reliable source where you can find over 470.000 wonderful icons. All you have to do is type the keywords that describe the icon you want and download it.

Alternatively, you can also browse available 2,600 + icon packs and choose the one you like the most.

4. DryIcons.com
The Dryicons.com has one of the largest collections of unique, professionally designed icons. They offer over 6700 images and vector graphics, with free or extended licenses, with a wide variety of styles, themes and colors.

5. Iconmonstr
The iconmonstr.com is slightly different from other websites. First, they offer a large number of images and everything is in black and white. You can use them as icons on your desktop, on your websites, or as graphics in your presentations, for greater visual impact.

Second, they offer all their icons in .svg, .eps, .psd, and .png. This means you have to convert them to .ico if you want to use them as icons for your Windows device files and folders.

6. Material Design icons by Google
If you like Android and its icons, Google offers everything on its website Material Design. They're all simple and follow Google's guidelines for simplicity and usability.

You can get any of the Google icons you like, but keep in mind that they are designed for use on Android, iOS and the web, so they are only available in .png and .svg formats. This means that you must first convert the icons you download to .ico before you can use them in Windows 10.

7. GraphicBurger
The GraphicBurger.com it's a great place if you want to download perfect high quality pixel pictures. It is run by a Romanian designer (Raul Taciu) and all the images he offers are free to use by anyone. However, you should know that the icons are available in .png, .svg, .eps, and Sketch formats, so you need to convert them to a .ico file format if you want to use them in Windows 10.

How to change the icons of your shortcuts and folders
Changing your shortcuts and folders icons is a simple process that does not last long. If you do not know how to do it, consult it second part of this article (Put the Windows 98 icons in Windows 10).

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