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Windows 10 delete pending updates

Windows 10 automatically installs the updates, unless you have disabled this feature.

Sometimes problems may occur during installation updates, e.g. when an update hangs and does not let the operating system complete the update process.

Below we will see what you can do in this case. We'll see how you can delete pending updates.Windows 10

Before proceeding, make sure that the user account you are using has administrative rights. To delete pending updates to Windows 10, you will need to open a command prompt with Administrator permissions. (Search for cmd, right-click the icon that will appear and select "open as administrator".
Type or copy and paste the following command:

 net stop wuauerv

This command will stop the Windows Update service. Immediately after, type or copy and paste the following command:

rd / s / q "% systemroot% \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download

The command will delete all the updates you have downloaded to your computer.
Now, you need to restart Windows Update:

net start wuauserv

You're done.


  1. In August 2014 retired for MN's 14 CEO, Steve Balmer.
    Coincidentally (?) Then started the (aggressive initial) promotion of win10.
    When he left, despite the press releases that were leaving for him and talking about consensual retirement, there was "something" in the air of Bill Gates software (software acquired according to various rumors, in various ways ... decades).

    BALMER was 30's Ms employee since he was from 1973 at the "shop". In simple words, he knew the "shop" from the outside and shuffled.

    In the years leading up to win10, the windows did not miss, with windows (s) vista topped.
    But all these bluffs, including (s) vista, are far behind win10.
    Most importantly, beyond the blunders, it is the titanic monitoring of everything (: telemetry) through the functions of win 10. Tracking that puts (along with the Facebook and Google platforms) the masses into the rationale: "Do not you bother watching us? we have nothing to hide. "

    Ultimately, Balmer, apparently, did not accept these ... innovative ideas about software and telemetry, despite his refusal to do so.

    ... Finally, the goal was achieved. The windows are shared and shared with (supposedly) cheap licenses (it must be naive whoever goes and puts a lot of money to acquire them) at the same time that in the auspicious aus, in Linux, fragmentation reigns as reigned and logic sudo, apt get etc (the time that a double click is enough and is left over to windows) ...
    But this is a matter of another day.

    My respect and my appreciation for the children here and let me not know them closely.

    A middle-aged man (grumpy as they say).


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