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animatedknots: learn to tie each knot with animation examples

Animatedknots is a website that teaches you to tie any known knot you want, through examples with animation photos.


This is an excellent website that teaches you how to knot through color streaming photos. It is not limited to a single activity but contains a wide range of knots used in various development activities such as fishing, hobbies, boats, sailing, climbing, ties, ornaments, scouts, at home, and more.

The animatedknots launched 2005 with a few key nodes and has now evolved with 189 knots with color illustrations. Photos are shown in chronological order and help you fully understand how to make each knot.

The site is in English and unfortunately the websites are listed under their English name. Google Translate can be translated. The knots can be sorted by activity, or name or type basis for best finding.

For Anglophones there is a very good help on which knot to use, depending on the work you want to do, an analysis of knot terminology, and what each knot offers, ie the pros and cons.

In addition, the animatedknots data can also be accessed on your mobile phone for free, as there is a corresponding application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Visit it Animated Knots from here.


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