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HTTP and HTTPS: What I Need to Know about Transport Protocols

HTTP and HTTPS: Google Chrome made a major change to one of its latest versions: Blocks HTTP webpages. So anyone who tries to visit a page that is still using HTTP, Chrome displays a warning stating that the page is not secure.
Below we will see what HTTP is and why HTTPS is used most (not yet universally, but it is).HTTPS
HTTP originates from the Hypertext Transfer Protocol origin and means a hypertext transfer protocol. It is used to send information between two systems and is most often used between a web server and a home computer.
HTTPS represents the secure hypertext transfer protocol with the addition of S and comes out of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This protocol is also used to send information between systems, but with more security. Security is the reason why Chrome allows these pages to load, but prevents those who are still using HTTP.
HTTPS did not exist. In the very first days of the Internet, all developers worked with HTTP. This protocol developed 1965 while HTTPS 1994. This means it took about three decades to think about the need for a secure transport protocol. For a long time, it may not matter, but in today's Internet it seems to be absolutely necessary.
There was no longer because it was not allowed and the circumstances did not require it. The internet was not widely available and accessible to all, but personal devices were expensive and much less.
It was not only the rates of internet use but also the nature of the information being sent. With the spread of e-mail through universities, there was a need for secure communication channels. The internet has continued to mature and with the arrival of e-commerce banks have begun to use the secure protocol for online payment methods.

The information had to be sent safely and the only way to easily do this was the HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS initially used the Secure Socket Layer protocol to securely transmit data. SSL as it is known was developed for that very purpose. Initially, it was used by e-mail, e-commerce sites and payment portals like Paypal. The goal of SSL was and still can not be used by an unsafe page trying to trick its visitors into distributing malicious software from the browser.
It is worth noting that the Secure Socket Layer has evolved since it was first developed. It has been replaced by Security Layer Security (TLS). TLS provides a much better level of privacy protection. Today, the need for security does not simply concern the non-leak of sensitive information, but also the exclusion of monitoring from a number of third parties (names we do not say).

If you use Google Chrome and try to visit an HTTP page, the browser will not allow you to do so. You will of course have the option to ignore the warning, but there will be a warning that the site does not use HTTPS.
If you are using a different browser that does not automatically block HTTP sites, you can easily see if a site uses HTTP or HTTPS by checking the address bar. You will see a green padlock icon and Secure shortly before the URL, and an address will start with https: // instead of http: //


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