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Twitter From today 280 characters for everyone

After about two months of testing on the 280 character limit, Twitter is starting to have the new limit for everyone today.

Twitter says you shouldn't now expect to see massive tweets of 280 characters right away.


According to data collected by the company, the number of tweets with a higher than average character was very small. In fact, only the 5% of tweets sent by those trying out the new feature exceeded the 140 character limit.

According to Twitter's product manager Aliza rosen:

"We saw that more than 140 characters were needed, but there were too many tweets with less than 140 characters"

The new character limit will be available in all languages ​​that have problems with the older limit.

According to a spokesman, Japanese, Korean and Chinese do not require a higher limit because of the characters they use as each character may have a different meaning.

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