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Home security Setting up Google Calendar exposes your data!

Setting up Google Calendar exposes your data!

CalendarIts content Google Thousands of users' calendars are at the moment exposed to Internet. A Calendar setting allows all Internet users to access access to information such as addresses e-mail and other personal data stored in Calendar.

This setting, in effect, allows sharing Calendar content with others. This means that anyone who has the link to your Calendar will be able to access it.

Google displays one warning on screens. However, many users but also businesses ignore it by exposing it significantly data into a risk, since anyone can access them with a simple search.

An Indian security researcher, Avinash Jain, discovered that using advanced search parameters (dorks) can give access to information, such as meetings, interviews, events, inside information and locations of certain companies.

The researcher found out over 200 Calendars, which featured important information.

Finding exposed Calendars is very easy, according to the researcher. A general Google search is enough (inurl: https: // cid =).

With this simple search, Google found over 7.000 results. However, not all exposed calendars have information. Some are empty. They would have to search one by one to identify those that have important content.

The researcher managed to gain access to a huge amount of personal, simple, personal data users and organizations.

When the data of a company, the risk is even greater. Competitors could use this information. The worst case scenario, though, is their use by cybercriminals who could use the data to launch an attack.

The researcher said he contacted Google and informed her about the issue, but the company responded that the specific product it works this way and that users decide whether or not to protect their data. After all, Google is warning them.

One company, however, whose Calendar was exposed, rewarded Avinash Jain for his discovery.

However, some users find the setting to allow sharing of Calendar content useful, because they need to share their schedule with others and this is an easy way to do it.

One solution would be configure Calendar to share minimal information about the program, the ones that are needed (such as whether you are busy or available).

Google provides one easy guide, showing how sharing options can be managed.


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