HomesecurityExperts: Do not pay the ransom, as insurance companies suggest!

Experts: Do not pay the ransom, as insurance companies suggest!

insuranceSecurity experts say that insurance Companies of cyberspace, that urge them victims ransomware to pay for ransom, enhance the action of criminals.

During the first half of 2019 there has been a significant increase in attacks ransomware. At USA, many cities have been attacked, and many of their services have been shut down.

Such situations cause many of the victims to succumb. Many companies and entire cities have been forced to pay huge sums of money.

Many times, victims end up with this option as well restoring systems (in case of backups) requires much more time, resources and money. When it comes to services of a city, serving thousands of citizens, time is very important. The solution must be immediate. Thus, the payment of hackers is an easier and faster process than restoring systems.

The researchers have noticed that most cybersecurity companies urge victims to pay criminals because they find it the most economical and easy way to deal with a ransomware attack.

Meanwhile, Authorities have repeatedly emphasized that victims should not be ransomed because they thus fund and enhance criminal activities.

Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, says she's disappointed with insurance companies. In a speech at the CloudSec 2019 conference, she mentioned the case of a client who was confronted with a ransomware attack.

"The insurance company told the customer that it has experience in dealing with ransomware gangs and that it can lower the price. He said that paying the ransom is the "cheapest" solution ".

Mrs Payton said insurance companies are trying to solve the problem at the least possible cost. This is done by paying the ransom.

This leads to many problems. Hackers know that insurance companies give this advice, therefore aim businesses, who have an insurance company, because they are more likely to get the money they require.

Attackers estimate how much money a company needs to restore systems from backups security and offer a lower price to increase their chances of payment.

However, victims should not succumb. The attackers are not trustees. Even if victims pay the ransom, they are not sure they will get their data back. In this case, the victim will have to pay for the ransom and also have to pay for the systems to be repaired. This means that the cost will be much higher.

In addition, when one chooses to pay for ransom and not secure the network, one can again be targeted by hackers. There is no guarantee that he will not accept a second attack.

Finally, as we said above, paying ransom reinforces hacker attacks as they see profit, while at the same time finances, helping them to develop even more sophisticated and dangerous techniques.

Therefore, the best solution is prevention. Regularly update systems you, use it reliably antivirus programs, train This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. staff and back up. If you fall victim to ransomware attack you will be able to recover your data without succumbing to criminals' requests.

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