HomesecurityiOS 13: Error allows bypass iPhone / iPad lock screen

iOS 13: Error allows bypass iPhone / iPad lock screen

It has not yet released its iOS 13 Apple (to be released on 19 September) and the first bug has already been detected by security experts.

According to security researcher Jose Rodriguez, the latest version of the operating system contains one error allowing hackers to bypass his lock screen iPhone ή iPad.

iOS 13

When you activate a call FaceTime and then use it Crab to access the contact list on your device, the error allows malware to bypass the screen lock security check.

Once you open the contact list, a hacker can access all phone numbers, email addresses, address information, and all other data stored in your iPhone or iPad contact list.

The researcher apparently sent details about it exploit at Apple about two months ago, but the bug has not been officially fixed yet.

However, the company has fixed the problem in one beta version of iOS 13 which will be available on 30 September.

To be fair, iOS 13 also has its pros - it will improve the control of privacy settings, the dark mode system-wide and some other enhancements that have one common goal: to make using an iOS device easier.

According to information, the Apple is already processing the next major operating system update, which will probably be called iOS 13.1, but no release date has been announced.

iOS 13

According to several reports, this update will include some new features that will not be part of the original version of iOS 13.

The CNet recently mentioned that the new version offers the ability to share the expected arrival time of a user to a site via Maps app.