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How to make a career in ethical hacking: Skills and perspectives

Information Technology (IT) is one of the largest and most popular industries of our time, with ever-expanding prospects.

Industry 4.0 (4.0 industry) has welcomed a number of technological developments, due to which specialized IT professionals are in prominent positions, not only in IT companies, but also in other industries. Perhaps the most popular jobs are in the field of cyber security.

Over a billion cyber security professionals are expected to be sought after by companies or organizations over the next 2 years, making such a career one of the most lucrative global.

The fact that a company can be gigantic does not mean that they can be protected from hacking attacks, such as National Health Services that have been unable to protect themselves from high-scale hacking. A top nutrition application, MyFitnessPal, also suffered a massive security breach, where the personal data of 150 million users was stolen. The frequency of these attacks has now increased lately, making security on the cyberspace critical to any organization.

ethical hacking

Ethical hacking in a nutshell

Big banks and jewelry stores often hire professional thieves to commit robberies in order to track down gaps in their security systems. Through these tests, these institutions are able to consistently upgrade them security systems for them to finally reach a stage of becoming impenetrable.

Inspired by this process, cybersecurity has also created the legitimate hacker field of work, the so-called ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking is a process by which professionals are paid to enter an organization in order to identify vulnerabilities in the security system that the organization must correct.

Using ethical hacking

Ethical hackers are recruited and trained to use a variety of techniques to try to breach different organizations. They help detect gaps not only within the security system, but also during cyber attacks.

In government organizations where government war is of the utmost importance, ethical hackers are used to counteract the efforts of malicious hackers in order to transcend and keep their data secure. Another application of ethical hacking assists in the investigation that follows a cyber-attack.

Law enforcement agencies often hire ethical hackers to track a hacker's footsteps and detect him. perpetrator.

ethical hacking


The skills needed to become an ethical hacker

Given the highly technical nature of the profession, a mere degree is generally not sufficient to establish a successful career in the field; specialized training is required. Many leading IT organizations today offer Certified Ethical Hacking courses that cover not only the basics of computer networking, but also elaborate on techniques and procedures that lead to security cyberspace.

Think creatively and out of the box:

In addition to these technical concepts, it is also essential for ethical hackers to be able to think creatively outside the box. The reason that hackers are evolving and able to intrude is complex security systems is because they are consistently trying to find new ways and approaches to it.

Another important quality it has is problem solving, as skill can be enhanced over time and refined with experience and practical exposure. So preparing for a career in the world of ethical hacking must include a good combination of both techniques as well as the practical aspects.

Some of the largest IT companies, such as TCS, IBM and many others, have realized the growing demand by their clients for dedicated ethical hacking teams dedicated to improving cyber security.

However, there is a very obvious skills gap in the industry today, and therefore a lack of quality staff in the field. Due to the gap between the demand and supply of ethical hackers, this career has become extremely profitable with massive scope in the future.



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