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Home security Ecuador: Big data leak exposes millions of files on children

Ecuador: Big data leak exposes millions of files on children

EcuadorRecently a new data leakage incident has taken place victims its citizens Ecuador. Personal files owned by adults and children were found exposed online because of an incorrectly formed one server.

The data leak was discovered by two researchers security, Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, two weeks ago.

The server, which is responsible for the data leakage, is at the same time responsible for the greater infringement data in the history of Ecuador. Ecuador is a small South American country with 16,6 million citizens.

The server contained about 20,8 millions of user files. The number of files is higher than that of citizens, as they are also included in the past archives that belonged to people who are not in life.

The data that leaked include: names, family details, financials data, job information, data on car ownership and more.


These data were collected from various sources. Depending on their origin, they could be divided into two categories: data collected by government sources and data collected from private databases.

Government data

Most of the data leaked came from government registries services.

Full names, birth dates, births, IDs, home addresses, phone numbers, family details, job information leaked.

In addition, data has been found belonging to the country's president, as well as to Julian Assange, who once received political asylum from Ecuador.

Data belonging to family members and children

The most worrying thing is that all family members' data was exposed so everyone could know everything about the family of citizens.


Many of the items on the server belong to children. Found 6,77 millions of files owned by children under 18 years. These records contained names, places of birth, addresses, and gender.

The leakage of children's data raises most concerns about this breach. In addition to being able to steal their identity, children are also put in a "natural" risk, as the records include their home addresses.

Data from private sources

Researchers also discovered data collected from private entities. Two folders named BIESS and AEADE were found.

BIESS comes from the Banco del Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social. It contained financial data of some citizens (e.g., account balance, type of credit, account holder information, and business information).

AEADE comes from the Asociación de Empresas Automotrices del Ecuador and contained information about citizens who own cars. Some of this information was the car model and license plates.

In total, 7 million financial records and 2,5 millions related to car owners were found.

These files are just as important. The Criminals they could see who are the richest citizens of Ecuador and steal their money and their cars, since they also had their addresses. The worst but most likely scenario would be the kidnapping of a rich man's child for ransom (since they also have the child's information).

Data stopped being on Internet at the end of last week.

This is the second major data leak, affecting users of a South American country. In August, an Elasticsearch server exposed the 14,3 files of millions of Chilean voters.


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