HomesecurityRansomware Attacks: The Epidemic of the Digital Age!

Ransomware Attacks: The Epidemic of the Digital Age!

RansomwareAccording to surveys, data on ransomware is not encouraging. The specific ones attacks are expected to increase, while it will be much more sophisticated and dangerous. Their growth has been dramatic in recent years. Initially it was considered a relatively small problem. It is now one of the largest threats for Companies worldwide, but also for whole states.

Some of the most typical examples of ransomware, which show the magnitude of the damage that can be caused, are WannaCry and NotPetya.

WannaCry was the biggest online threat during 2017. Affected 300.000 victims in more than 150 countries. NotPetya, originally targeted users of Ukraine, but also spread to other countries.

The administrators of another ransomware have announced that they are "retiring" as they have already earned $ 2 billion. In addition, they said: "We have proven that when you do bad things, punishment does not come."

In the summer, many cities of USA found in gang ransomware target. Many of them had to pay huge sums of money to have their systems re-run.

Nowadays, ransomware is the main threat to cyberspace. Most companies are "obsessed" with keeping as much data as possible for everyone and everyone. At the same time, they do not care for their effective protection. This is what the people know hackers and take advantage of it.

Businesses are often forced to store all this data, for customers, partners and more. However, the problem is that don't invest in cybersecurity.

Ransomware uses so-called encryption. In this way, they are able to lock data and data archives of the victim, as a result of not having access to them.

The way to deal with ransomware is relatively simple. There are some basic things that all companies and users can do to reduce the chances of an attack:

  • Staff training (to identify suspicious emails)
  • Backup important data
  • Regular updates of software, applications, systems
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Change default passwords
  • Plan to counter a ransomware attack

However, hackers are constantly evolving their techniques and will always find a way to influence some business, small or large.

According to experts, ransomware is like an epidemic, which will get worse. One of the reasons for ransomware enhancement is the willingness of victims to pay. The scammers get what they want, so they continue the attacks because they know that most victims will succumb.

Some law enforcement agencies have helped many victims by offering them tools decryption of their systems. However, few hackers have come to justice.

Experts fear that hackers could launch a ransomware attack on voter databases in the US presidential election on 2020. Such an attack could prevent some people from voting. This would have significant consequences.

Unfortunately, given that technology is increasingly coming into our lives, we are increasingly using smart Appliances, the risk of an attack increases.

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