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Simple Ways to Find Your Public or Private IP Address!

IP is the abbreviation for "internet protocol" and is basically the address of your device at Internet. Think of it as the digital analogue of the postal code. In the following article, we will look at some ways to find your IP address.

There are two types of IPs, public and private. The public address is a sequence of four numbers in most cases. Without this address it would be impossible computer to communicate with the internet.

Your private address is needed to identify your device locally network. In other words it is the address that allows the other devices that are connected to it router you, communicate with your computer.


So if you need to know one or both of your IPs for some reason, just follow the steps below.

  • Find public IP address.

The easiest way is to simply open your browser and browse the following website

The result will be a number of four dotted numbers that is your public IP.

  • An alternative way of finding a public IP address.

As always there is a chance of it website mentioned above doesn't work, as a backup you can just make one google search which will produce the same result.

Of course, details about your public IP also exist on your router. So you can alternatively browse your router usually by typing it in your browser and public IP will be listed in the first page details.

  • Private IP address in Windows.

To find your private address at Windows, just open the command prompt by typing 'cmd' into the search field of the startup.

Once you open the command prompt, type the following: ipconfig.

The private address will be under the "IPv4 Address".


  • How to Find Your IP Address on MacOS |

If you are a user MacOS, press its logo Apple, browse to “System Preferences” and select “Network”.

Then select the network to which you are connected and under the "Status" option on your right, you will see your private IP listed under "Connected".

  • How to find your private IP address in Linux (Ubuntu).

If your preference for operating system Linux They are Ubuntu, as for many, go to "Activities" at the top left of your screen, type in a network, and select it.

Depending on whether your connection is wireless or wired, select the settings button next to each connection. In the window that opens, you can see your IP under the "IPv4 Address" tab on the "Details" tab.


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