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Blockchain: What are the dangers of using it?

Blockchain technology launched 2009. Then, O Satoshi Nakamoto created the revolutionary digital currency of the time Bitcoin. At that stage they were only used for cryptocurrency, but over the years more and more companies have opted for it for a variety of reasons, including game creation.


The main reason companies choose technology blockchain, is the ability to reduce operating costs.

In her case IBM, the multinational company used technology to create the world network payment blockchain World Wire, which launched last March. In fact the company uses the protocol developed by the Stellar blockchain infrastructure, which allows transactions between two people to be executed directly in a matter of seconds.

Of course, companies that utilize technology often have problems, which requires careful handling. Because it is a very complex and complex technology, its integration into each business, may require some procedures to be changed. So the difficulty lies in the fact that teams related to blockchain will be asked to find methods to integrate it without causing further problems.


It is precisely because of these difficulties that all companies need to understand the function of blockchain. Because many times, companies try to integrate this technology into their processes out of pure curiosity, without any real reason and end up complicating the functions and increase their costs.

This means that a team that is really familiar with blockchain technology would be a viable option for businesses. Such a group will be able to follow the evolution of this all but stagnant space. In the same sense, smaller Companies not having the ability to staff such a team will make it difficult not only to integrate blockchain but also to keep up with ongoing developments.


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