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List of stolen online accounts you will find on the Dark Web!

The Dark Web is a fully active market for illicit goods. For her, even accounts that may be of no use to us are considered valuable. In the following article, we will look at the various types of accounts sold on the Dark Web.

  1. Financial and personal accounts.

The most common example of selling Dark Web accounts. They are usually used to steal money or personal information from users hackers.

Dark Web

  1. Email accounts.

Email accounts are sold for 0,70 $ -1,20 $ each. A hacker can do a lot with an email account, from stealing the user's personal information, to making the account part of a botnet.

  1. Accounts on Dating sites.

Such accounts are sold for 10 $. This tactic may seem a bit weird, but it's actually very clever. This is because dating site accounts contain personal information that a hacker can use to create a fake profile from scratch. In some cases, they may simply use your account to contact or attempt to monetize other users.

  1. Netflix accounts.

If a hacker accesses your Netflix account, he can use it to track what he wants for free. Netflix accounts are sold for 2 $, minus their monthly legal subscription. So if you find unusual gestures in view history, be sure to change it password you directly.

  1. Accounts on adult sites.

These sites require a monthly subscription from users to access their content. Hackers bypass legitimate accounts. The cost of such an account is 1 $, that is, the cost of a social security code.

  1. Airline accounts for free flights.

Since your financial information is difficult to steal without being noticed by you or your bank, hackers have changed strategy. They can now simply use the points of flights that you have in your account and make a trip instead of you.

Dark Web

  1. PayPal accounts.

When a hacker accesses an account PayPal, will check if there is money in him. If they exist, then the Dark Web account is usually sold. The amount the account is sold depends on how much money it contained.

  1. Fortnite accounts.

The question that arises here is, why would anyone sell something that is actually available for free?

The Dark Web sells Fortnite accounts for which users have spent money on in-game items. It's about accounts who have passed many difficult tests or who have unlocked special features.

These are the most popular stolen accounts sold on the Dark Web, but there are definitely countless additional categories of stolen accounts.


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