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Most Android lens applications require a huge number of licenses


An Avast security researcher discovered that The Android lens applications require a large number of licenses when installed, while most do not provide the necessary functions in return.

The researcher said he tested all Android applications lenses that were available on the Play Store. All in all, he found 937 applications. The seven of these were in fact malicious.

The researcher found that the majority of applications required multiple permissions (average: 25 permissions / application).

However, these licenses are excessive for these applications. In fact, no more than 1-2 licenses are needed to operate properly. In addition, most cell phones phones nowadays have a lens, so these apps aren't even useful (for most people).

Some years ago, lens applications were very popular. The developers discovered that they could turn the camera into a lens and that was very useful. However, for 5-6 years, Android Appliances have begun to have a built-in lens and now most mobiles do not need such applications.

However, users who have older devices still rely on them.

Why do lens applications need so many licenses?

You definitely need some licenses for the right one mode of applications. However, the researcher wonders: "If 408 applications only need 10 or less permissions, why are there 262 applications that require 50 permissions or more"?

The researcher found 77 lens applications that required more than 50 licenses. This number is outrageous. It's about one third of the total number of licenses that supports Android OS.

In addition, few applications justified the permits they requested.

The information they requested access they were irrational. A large number (77) requested audio recording permission, while 180 applications requested access to user contacts. Not all of these licenses are needed for the lens to function properly.

Other licenses concerned the management of calls and messages, access to information location etc.

All this information, which applications are requesting access to, they can be used by malicious people software to hurt them users.

A common tactic of hackers is to create simple, "innocent" applications that can attract many users. These applications usually require a large number of licenses. Then, after the hackers have access to the information they want, they can install malware into the applications and harm users. (they can of course affect third-party applications, not create them themselves)

Application developers can do one update and turn lens applications into malware programs.

If this happens, hackers can steal data users or install malware on their device.

Please check the permissions before installing an application

The researchers recommend great attention to licenses that applications require.

"The Google doesn't have a good reputation for its ability to keep malware out of the Play Store. Be careful with those applications that require excessive permissions. It can be a sign that they are malicious. "

The Avast researcher said that it is necessary to check the permissions before installing an application. If we do not understand or like what he is asking for, then it is best not to download the application.

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