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Home security Survey: One in three Internet users falls victim to a cyberattack

Survey: One in three Internet users falls victim to a cyberattack

ResearchThe researchers K7 Computing Ltd conducted an investigation about cyber attacks in India. Their study, Cyber ​​Threat Monitor, showed that one in three users of Internet encountered some attack in the first quarter of 2019.

According to the survey results, most victims They came from Patna, Guwahati, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Patna users were their first target hackers, since according to the investigation, the attack rate was 48%. Guwahati follows with 46%. For the quarter April-June, 45%, Chennai 48% and Kolkata 41% were attacked in Lucknow. The least favorite target of hackers was New Delhi, after recording the lowest attack rate (28%).

The CEO of K7 Computing Ltd said in an interview: “The Cyber ​​Threat Monitor report highlights the constantly evolving landscape of threats across the country and highlights the the need for a more proactive approach to safety in cyberspace. "

Researchers have identified many different types of attacks on mobiles, Windows computers, Internet of Things devices and other systems. They also observed that the incorrectly configured servers continue to be one of the most serious threats along with Fileless attacks and Ransomware, which are constantly growing.

The study concludes that the number of cyberattacks in India has increased significantly during 2019, so safeguards must be taken. The attack rates mentioned above indicate that users of the country are a favorite target of hackers. As they are Criminals of cyberspace constantly evolving their techniques, attacks will continue to increase.


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