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New malware appears as a trading application and deceives users

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Google: Confirms the vulnerability that affects millions of users


Spams are very annoying, so most services e-mail have filters to detect and prevent them. However, spammers find several ways to bypass the filters and send spams. Lately, spammers have been targeting it Google gmail Calendar.

The worrying thing is that there is one vulnerability, which could allow hackers send a fake email invitation to anyone's Google Calendar.

This invitation could include malicious content that anyone can install malicious software to the victim's device or steal credentials and user personal information.

The specific vulnerability 2017 was first discovered by them researchers by Black Hills Information Security, Beau Bullock and Michael Felch.

Google has confirmed the security issue at Calendar app

Google, following the reappearance of this vulnerability, said it was determined to fix it to reduce the chances violation of its users' data.

Google employee Lesley Pace said in a post last week that company is aware of the security issue in Google Calendar and is working to resolve it.

He also said that they would soon post updates.

These posts suggest that Google recognizes the existence of the vulnerability and is committed to correcting it.

There is also a link to the post. This link leads to a page where users can learn how to report and remove spam.

Finally, tips on how it can be given uninstall Gmail's automatic event add on Calendar, so that spams do not pass automatically. Essentially, this particular vulnerability exploits the connection of the two services of Google.

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