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Home security IoT: New cyberattacks on gas pumps from Dark Web hackers!

IoT: New cyberattacks on gas pumps from Dark Web hackers!

IoT-connected devices (Internet of Things), increase rapidly, resulting in Cybercriminals to focus more on them. The reason; IoT products are constantly proliferating and as they are connected to each other, when a device becomes a hacker target they can easily be affected.

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And while routers have been and continue to be the main target for IoT cyberattacks, Internet forums are increasingly being discussed on Dark Web forums.

This revelation was made by her researchers Trend Micro, who researched the Dark Web online marketplaces in five different languages: Russian, Portuguese, English, Arabic, and Spanish.

The conclusion from a study on IoT cyberattacks, is that the Russian market is by far the most sophisticated in underground communities but also the one that will generate the most revenue through exploits. Russian government legislation requires all electric meters in the country to be replaced with smart meters. So, hackers can easily modify it firmware of these devices and sell them to unsuspecting users. It has been observed that smart meter modifications are made in such a way that they record less, resulting in a smaller end-user account. However, many are now looking to Russian Dark Web, information and ways to crack their gas pumps.

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The reasons for these attacks are often for good reason, as ordinary citizens' expenses are reduced. However, it is not at all unlikely that the hacking of gas pumps can cause catastrophic results. They could, for example, be used for DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. A previous Trend Micro report demonstrates that remote and unsecured gas pumps can be used by hackers for greater physical damage.

Of course, there is a way to protect the gas pumps and their counterparts from hacking attacks. Operators of these devices should consider using it VPN for encryption and mutual authentication for both the device and the user. Finally, often updates and its fixes software they are necessary.


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