1,300 Harbor cloud storage vulnerable to attack: Update immediately!

1,300 Harbor cloud storage vulnerable to attack: Update immediately!

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 have discovered a critical vulnerability in a popular open source cloud system.
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TOP virus scan to safely scan a suspicious email attachment

Normally we all have antivirus software that resides on our computers to protect data files from malicious ...
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WannaCry ransomware continues to invade computers

The infamous WannaCry ransomware that became known in May on 2017 continues to invade computers. Findings are coming today ...
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Albanian gangs use cryptocurrencies for money laundering

UK police are particularly concerned as 'famous' Albanian gangs, involved in cocaine circuits, are now using ...
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Germany's digital frontier for cyberattacks!

Germany is in the process of developing a new cybersecurity strategy that will introduce digital borders in the event of a particularly aggressive cyberattack.
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Security professionals say politicians have no idea of ​​cybersecurity


In our time, we are making stricter laws cybersecurity is becoming more and more imperative. However, the vast majority of its professionals cyberspace who participated in this year's Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, agreed that politicians are unable to process the arrangements effectively security for the internet.

While 80 percent of security professionals agree that more security and privacy legislation is needed, especially for social media that store personal data, they do not believe politicians are well aware of cyber risks to develop and implement effective security arrangements.

Specifically, 93 percent of security professionals do not trust social media to protect their personal information, 82 percent do not trust government to protect their personal information and 80 percent say government officials do not understand digital risks well.

"There are many lawmakers, regulators and law enforcement officials worldwide who propose controversial surveillance laws, such as encrypted backdoors government-controlled, "said Kevin Bocek, vice president of security strategy and threat information at Venafi. "However, security professionals have no confidence in the ability of policymakers to improve cyber security given the sheer number of state violations in the US and around the world."

Bocek argues that while new legislation is really needed, politicians need to learn more about cybersecurity before moving on.

"The results of our research send a clear signal that governments need to improve their knowledge of cybersecurity, to make a meaningful impact and help defenders of security protect the global economy, freedoms and security. privacy"He said.

A recent study which was carried out by IBM in the wake of the increasing attacks ransomware against cities, reveals a gap between taxpayers 'and public resources' expectations, creating a challenge for local and state governments to combat the threat of ransomware. Taxpayers see ransomware as a threat to their personal data and data data of their city and the 60% of US citizens questioned are against their local governments using tax dollars to pay ransom.

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