Windows Forcepoint VPN vulnerability repair

Windows Forcepoint VPN vulnerability repair

An updated patch has been issued to fix a vulnerability in the Forcepoint VPN Client for Windows software. The previous...
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Aura Botnet, the Django-based C2 server botnet framework

The Aura Botnet is an excellent portable botnet framework, with a Django-based C2 server. The client is written ...
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New malware appears as a trading application and deceives users

Trend Micro researchers have discovered that a new Mac Trojan is being launched, aimed at stealing user information. The...
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TOP Fake GPS apps to protect your privacy!

Every day most of us use GPS apps for many reasons. From moving in and out of the city, ...
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The most frequently violated passwords are not due to user error

The German computer security firm Avira has released a press release on the least secure passwords for smartphones and devices ...
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LG's new OLED TVs will support NVIDIA's G-Sync technology


During the CES, in January, h NVIDIA He said that televisions will soon be available with larger screen, which they will be compatible with G-Sync technology. Now LG has announced that these televisions are ready. LG's new OLED 2019 TVs will soon receive one firmware update, which will support the new feature that promises to provide an amazing gaming experience to gamers. It combines a large display and high response speeds.

LG OLED 2019 TVs: G-Sync Compatibility and New Features

The new range of 2019 will come with many more in particular characteristics, which make TVs ideal for gaming. One of these features is HDMI 2.1 functions, like variable refresh rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Also, the response time will be extremely fast and the colors and contrasts are perfectly balanced. Finally, new televisions will support it Dolby Atmos and the innovative Dolby TrueHD audio technology. The combination of these features results in the perfect result, as both image and sound will provide the best gaming experience in customers.


NVIDIA spokesman Matt Wuebbling says he is very happy about the news cooperation with LG and that G-Sync technology will be compatible with the new range of OLED TVs.

Sam Kim, vice president of LG's television design division, said the company is interested in providing the best gaming experience to its customers and is therefore working with NVIDIA to support G-SYNC technology.

The new LG TVs will be available in select markets in the coming weeks.

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