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Hacker converts PS2 into a portable gaming console with a Raspberry Pi


Sony's decision to halt the release of portable consoles PlayStation, since March of 2019, seems to have resulted in the creation of a DIY PSP! One such case is that of a Redditor called Darkwingmod and created a portable PS2 console, using a Raspberry Pi 2 as an SMB server to load games directly from Ethernet.

According to reports, Darkwingmod started the project in 2013, then took a break for a while and returned to 2017. Now Redditor has completed its task and presents it DIY portable gaming console created.

The console specifications are as follows:

  • Ps2 scph-79002
  • 5.6 “Dalian Good Display and VGA chip
  • Genius MaxFire Blaze 2 controller
  • 11.1V 6200mAh from 6 ncr18650a cells
  • Texas instrument ptn78020 switching regulator
  • IBM Lenovo Laptops 05K5494 + Wipes
  • Optical Module for Audio Expansion, 5V Mini Digital Amplifier Board or Mini Bin Mini-iStereoDock (AngelArm1110)
  • ZN40 from Polycase

Let's see now how he built his own console.

Shredding a PS2

Darkwingmod used the interior of the PS2 to carry out his work. As he states in his presentation, he used the PS2 Slim SCPH-7900x to build his portable gaming console.

Making the console

Construction of the console started with 2013, using a jb and PVC welding layer to make it more comfortable. After two hours of formatting and polishing the lines of the device, monitor, speaker and other accessories, he created this:

Darkwingmod bought an 5,6 inch screen HDMI from eBay.

Using the Raspberry Pi 2

To load games at full speed without the drive, Darkwingmod used a Raspberry Pi SMB setup. Remove the GPIO pins, the ports USB, the camera port and the Ethernet port to weaken the SBMC. He also made a list of toys that could be loaded directly into internal storage, eliminating the need for any emulator or optical drive.

You can watch a game on the DIY console here..

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