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Soon, lithium-ion batteries can be replaced


Nowadays, most of the electronic devices we use on a daily basis operate with lithium-ion batteries. You can find them at smartphones, The tablet, laptops, electrical cars and many more Gadgets.

However, despite the fact that these batteries are found almost everywhere, they have many drawbacks as they are known to be unstable and at risk of exploding. There are a few cases where a user's smartphone exploded because of it battery of, with the most recent one of an owner Xiaomi, which self-ignited in his pocket.

However, there are a handful of researchers around the world working on developing new batteries for devices that will not contain lithium ions but calcium.

How will calcium batteries differ from lithium-ion batteries?

Simple lithium-ion batteries include anode, cathode, and electrolytes. The electrolyte transfers positively charged ions from the anode to the cathode. However, the problem with lithium is that it is not sufficient for the growing demand in the electronics industry.

As an alternative, researchers have switched to calcium. However, there were some problems with the creation of the new batteries as they do not have a proper electrolyte.

But recently a researcher at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm in Germany, Zhirong Zhao-Karger and her colleagues have compose a new electrolyte that eliminates one of the biggest challenges facing calcium batteries.

The team combined a calcium compound with a fluorine-containing compound to create a new type of calcium salt. According to the published report, the new electrolyte conducts electricity more efficiently than any other calcium-based electrolyte that has been tested so far. Researchers have found that the new electrolyte carries ions at higher voltage than other calcium-based electrolytes.

What the future for calcium batteries

With the discovery of a viable alternative, it is likely in the future that renewable energy industries will replace lithium-ion batteries with those based on calcium.


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