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Home security Wikipedia: Disabled in many countries due to attack!

Wikipedia: Disabled in many countries due to attack!

Wikipedia Nowadays h technology is an integral part of our lives. Most people now use it Internet for anything. The platforms social networking and the various sites is very popular. We can communicate with others via the internet (e-mail, Facebook etc), to search information (e.g. Wikipedia), make purchases, work. We can do almost anything. However, increased internet access poses risks. Hackers attack sites, applications and platforms to influence as many as possible users.

Recent years, cyber attacks have become a daily occurrence. Many digital platforms and services have been the victim of an attack resulting in infringement personal data millions of users. The hackers follow the evolution of technology and develop their own techniques to be able to attack. Every minute that the hackers spend makes Phishing attacks, not only on companies but also on ordinary users. Businesses and businesses try to take action by using more secure systems and programs, but hackers always find a way to circumvent them security.

Attack on Wikipedia

Recently, the most famous online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, accepted one attack resulting in it being shut down. Millions of users are using Wikipedia to access reports and various information. After the attack, the site was shut down in many countries.

In fact, the hackers made one denial-of-service attack on the server and affected the whole site.

H Wikimedia Foundation (which hosts Wikipedia) announced last week via one tweet that the server of the company was affected by a denial-of-service attack, thus affecting the mode of all sites. One of them was the popular Wikipedia encyclopedia.

These types of attacks are intended to slow down or disrupt the affected system. Thus, users from many countries noticed that the site was unavailable. Other big companies have also experienced similar attacks.


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