Aura Botnet, the Django-based C2 server botnet framework
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Aura Botnet, the Django-based C2 server botnet framework

The Aura Botnet is an excellent portable botnet framework, with a Django-based C2 server. The client is written ...
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New malware appears as a trading application and deceives users

Trend Micro researchers have discovered that a new Mac Trojan is being launched, aimed at stealing user information. The...
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TOP Fake GPS apps to protect your privacy!

Every day most of us use GPS apps for many reasons. From moving in and out of the city, ...
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The most frequently violated passwords are not due to user error

The German computer security firm Avira has released a press release on the least secure passwords for smartphones and devices ...
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Experts recommend using appropriate internet routing tools!

Routers use the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to inform each other of the best possible ways ...
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Russia accuses Google and Facebook of interfering in the elections


Another country seems to blame them Google and Facebook to intervene in its elections.

In accordance with Reuters, its officials Ρωσίας said that both Google and Facebook have posted advertisements on the Russian elections on their platforms, which contradicts the laws of the country.

As is clear, Russia is essentially accusing the two tech giants of interfering in its elections.

Russia has enacted laws banning political advertising "during the elections on Sunday and the day before," according to Reuters. Russia's Roskomnadzor, the government body overseeing the country's media laws, said Facebook and Google posted ads during Sunday's election.

"These ενέργειες they can be seen as interfering with Russia's internal affairs and preventing democratic elections in the Russian Federation, "according to a translated version of a message posted on web page by Roskomnadzor.

Google and Facebook did not immediately respond to Russia's accusations.

Of course, Facebook has spent the last two years uprooting Russian-backed propaganda and other "coordinated unauthorized behavior" in platform after the country's inappropriate use of social media during the US presidential election on 2016. Since then, Facebook has discovered several other networks - from Russia and other countries - that have attempted to manipulate social media users.

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