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5 Bitcoin Truths You May Not Know!

Bitcoin caught the eye in December of 2017 when it hit the very high price of $ 20,000. Those who had already invested in it overnight became millionaires and billionaires. Many were self-styled bitcoin traders and investors. But even they didn't know so much about Bitcoin.


The following five facts are worth knowing about Bitcoin:

A hacker created 184 billions of Bitcoins on 2010

On 15 August 2010, in an incident known as a "value overflow incident", an unknown hacker attacked the bitcoin blockchain creating 184.467.440.737,09551616 BTC out of nothing!

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto got a job right away. The 0.3.1 version was released within 5 hours of incident, which prevented future Bitcoin printing through this exploitation. 184 billions of bitcoins have been deleted.

The Bitcoin is the "father" of other 430 Altcoins

To date, 2651 cryptocurrencies have found their way into the market. However, interestingly, 436 comes from Bitcoin.

The exact name of the altcoins, along with the source / root, are beautifully designed by Map of Coins. Bitcoin's "friends" have always tried to puncture and match the BTC but it has apparently failed. Bitcoin Cash is the most typical example.

The first Bitcoin Faucet was 5 BTC per visitor

Bitcoin Faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or an application, that distributes rewards in the form of satoshi - which is one hundredth of a million BTC - after visitors complete a captcha or one task which is usually requested by the website to give the reward.

Gavin Andresen created the first Bitcoin faucet in June of 2010, which gave the generous gift (given today's price) of 5 BTC to each visitor. The purpose of this reward program was to promote and use Bitcoin more widely.

732.000 addresses have at least 1 Bitcoin

As reported by Bitcoinist, there are only 732.982 addresses that hold more than 1 BTC. Compared to 20 millions of known addresses, this figure represents a small amount of "whole bitcoin" owners.

Those at the top of the 10 list have accumulated a significant number of BTCs. It seems that these people are already thinking that the world's first cryptocurrency will become a dominant value system in the near future future.

As a composer of Bitcoinist, Osato Avan Nomayo says very correctly:

Whereas the global population is about 7,5 billion, of which 36 millions are millionaires, it will be increasingly difficult even for wealthy people to own at least 1 Bitcoin.

Satoshi is not the smallest Bitcoin unit

Many users think that Satoshi is the least measurable unit of Bitcoin, as a Satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC. There is actually an even smaller BTC unit already in use on the Lightning Network. This is the Millisatoshi (MSAT) representing one millimeter of Satoshi.


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