HomesecurityBug causing "High CPU usage" is fixed by Microsoft

Bug causing "High CPU usage" is fixed by Microsoft


Recently Microsoft products informed her support page , informing its users of the issues they are facing Windows 10, and in particular with the CPU, after the release of the KB4512941 update that was released on August 30.

Some of them users Windows 10 devices said they were experiencing high CPU usage after installing the latest update and some results are not displayed in Windows Search. Microsoft says these issues are related to SearchUI.exe and only appear to users who have turned off search on Web using Windows Search.

The company is already working on a fix and an updated one version is expected to release in mid-September.

The most "funny" thing is that KB4512941 is an update that was released precisely to prevent CPU overuse when a user moves between applications and is not a security update. Since it is an optional update, it did not automatically install on all Windows 10 devices and thus did not affect a large number of users.

Other issues facing information, is blocking the appearance of empty tiles in the Start menu, fixing Spatial Audio issues in games, repairing the screen tan displayed during Remote Desktop connections, etc.

High CPU usage is a common problem for many Windows users. But apart from updating KB4512941, there are many other reasons that can cause high CPU usage on a machine, and one of them is the ntoskrnl.exe process in Windows 10.

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