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New Joker spyware found in 24 applications in Google Play Store


Security researchers Google they discovered one new spyware, που had infected 24 Google Play apps. New spyware called "the Joker». The researchers once they discovered the affected applications, they immediately removed them.

Spyware is designed to steal information from messages (SMS), victim contact lists and information of the devices.

Researcher Aleksejs Kuprins reported that malicious software was detected 2 weeks ago. So far, it has been detected in 24 applications, which they all had over 472.000 downloads. Spyware steals information in order to give it to advertising sites.

Joker spyware has been able to influence through these applications users in 37 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Ghana, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kuwait, Malaysia O, Malaysia Poland, Qatar, Republic of Argentina, Serbia, Ukraine, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and United States.

Joker spyware checks the cards YES related to one of the above countries. It seems to have affected mainly users from Europe and Asia.

Spyware bypasses Google Play controls and hides the malicious code in the ad boxes.

Once the applications are installed, the spyware will start secretly performing various processes to steal the victims' personal information.

Furthermore, spyware is able to automatically register victims to subscribers services, through the information and codes it receives from SMS.

Unfortunately, lately we have been learning about existence many malicious apps in the official Google store.

In late August, researchers had discovered a malicious one software in the popular CamScanner app, available on Google Play.

Last week, an application Android found with the AhMyth open source RAT.

In March and February, other malicious applications were discovered that affected thousands users.

Researcher Kuprins stresses that we should be be very careful when downloading an app from the Play Store and reviewing the permissions the app is requesting.

Many applications require permission to access data that they don't really need mode of the application. It is best to avoid downloading such applications.

More details about Joker spyware can be found here.

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