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Apple attacks Google and defends iOS security


Some time ago, h Google revealed some of its findings, which show that its ecosystem Apple is not as safe as the company claims. But now Apple is responding to Google by defending the security of its iOS operating system, stating that it will not accept the accusations it accuses.

Apple's answer to Google

Apple, through official press release, said that the security issues raised by Google in its report are defined as large-scale. However, in reality this was not the case as they affected "fewer than a dozen sites focused on content related to the Uighur community."

While specifying the extent of the attack, Apple also said it always puts greater emphasis on the safety of its users, whatever the nature of the security concerns.

Apple added that Google's claims were intended to adversely affect iOS users and scare them off safety of the operating system, which is not true.

Finally, Apple clarified that security flaws existed for only two months, not two years, as Google claimed. The company resolved the issue within 10 days in February when it discovered it.

Apple's security flaws

Recall that his analysts Project Zero Google's revealed that malicious websites were able to attack iPhones, something that had been happening for two years.

The report claimed that iOS device users could easily get trapped, since once they visited malicious websites, their malware attacks and data users are at risk.

About 14 security malfunctions have been identified in the investigation, with most of them located in Safari. The report also claimed that security vulnerabilities exist in iOS 10 and iOS 12.

In addition, it was reported that iOS security flaws not only affected iOS users but also Android and Windows devices.

Apple is committed to user safety

In addition to the clarifications, Apple confirmed that safety is its top priority. She also said that her safety remains "incomparable", as she cares for her safety at all times. software and its material.

For now, all we can hope for is that Apple remains true to its clarifications and continues to be safe.


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