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Technique promises to make passwords inviolable!

A non-profit organization based in Australia, named Tide, has invented a technique called Splintering and claims to make usernames and theirs passwords 14 million percent harder to break, than other modern techniques. The technique works by dividing encrypted usernames and passwords into tiny pieces and then storing them separately in a decentralized network.

The same technique is developed by cryptographers, who store small segments of cryptographic keys separately and then "assemble" them again when needed.

The technology developed by Tide is officially called Delegated Automated Trustee. It makes it almost impossible for malicious agents to break passwords through traditionally developed techniques such as attacks brute-force and reverse engineering.

Chances are reduced to 0,00072%

To test the reliability of the technique, Tide researchers conducted a test on its 60 million passwords LinkedIn already leaked. Splintering technique was found to reduce the chance of attack by 0,00072%, estimating the improvement to approximately 14,1 million%.

To further substantiate his claim, Tide asked hackers break a username or password protected by the Splintering technique. The organization also offers a reward for anyone who does.

So far, 6.5 has made millions of attempts and no hacker has been able to breach the technique.

It is based on Blockchain technology

According to Tide's co-founder Yuval Hertzog, the technique is an improvised version of technology blockchain. Explaining the technique, Hertzog says fragmented passwords are stored on the public Tide blockchain nodes. There may be at least 20 nodes with the maximum number of nodes up to 26. A segment stored in a node can only be decrypted from that node.

Η technology Splintering is not commercially available at this time, since researchers they are still testing its capabilities to secure millions of passwords.

You can find out more about the technique at Github.


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