New malware appears as a trading application and deceives users

New malware appears as a trading application and deceives users

Trend Micro researchers have discovered that a new Mac Trojan is being launched, aimed at stealing user information. The...
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TOP Fake GPS apps to protect your privacy!

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The most frequently violated passwords are not due to user error

The German computer security firm Avira has released a press release on the least secure passwords for smartphones and devices ...
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Experts recommend using appropriate internet routing tools!

Routers use the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to inform each other of the best possible ways ...
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Massive infringement of famous YouTubers accounts

According to a survey, a wave of violations targeting famous YouTubers accounts has been reported for some time. The...
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FreeBuds: Huawei's copy of AirPods comes with noise cancellation

Η Huawei adds noise cancellation to the third generation of FreeBuds, its wireless headphones that look exactly like AirPods of Apple. FreeBuds 3, announced by the company at IFA 2019, include four hours of battery life and come with a circular charging case that extends their total listening time to 20 hours. The headphones are available in black or white.


Huawei claims that FreeBuds 3 are the world's first open noise canceling headphones. This means that the headphones do not create a sealed physical barrier between your ear and the world around you, such as the silicon tips on classic noise canceling headphones.

Therefore, it has an unusual design for a pair of noise-canceling headphones and could have a major impact on how well the feature works in FreeBuds 3. Noise cancellation tends to work better at lower frequency sounds, such as the flicker of an airplane but is less effective at higher frequencies.

Η Huawei states that headphones' top priorities were the comfort and reduction of high-frequency outdoor noise for users trying to listen to music. He added that in some cases listening to high frequencies such as car alarms is really useful for people, as it gives them greater awareness of what is happening around them.

Huawei is also introducing a new chip with the FreeBuds 3 called A1 chip, which could be compared to the H1 chip used by Apple on its AirPods. The company says the new chip is the first in the world to support the Bluetooth 5.1 standard and is designed to offer lower latency and power consumption compared to other brands Bluetooth.

Although Huawei's FreeBuds were not afraid to copy Apple, noise cancellation is a feature we won't find in the AirPods… At least until next year.

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