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WeWork's WiFi network is leaking sensitive user information

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HKEx: Hackers attack DDoS on company sites


Yesterday, its websites company Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx) were violated by hackers, according to a statement from Managing Director Charles Li. That same afternoon, it was challenged interruption of derivatives market trading. Η attack on the site was made while the company was trying to address the issue of shutdown, but Li claims that the two events are not related.

Charles Li, on the occasion of yesterday's attack, said that hackers have often targeted sites of the company this year, mainly through denial-of-service attacks. Concerning the problem with derivatives, he said that it arose because of a error in software. He did not provide more details.

This disruption causes significant problems as some traders face losses.

However, according to a HKEx statement, the problem has been fixed and today everything is working properly. The software error that caused the interruption has been isolatedso as not to cause other problems.

The company's chief executive said there would be continuous checks on all procedures and every effort will be made to prevent this from happening again.

Vacations of this kind are rare in Hong Kong, but not in other countries. Various exchange services around the world have encountered similar problems due to technical problems. Markets in Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore have faced a number of technical malfunctions in recent years.

Last month, London Stock Exchange Group Plc shut down mode its for about an hour and 40 minutes due to a technical issue with the software.

In addition to the software issue, Li also spoke about the attacks on the company's sites. He said that cyber attacks is now a common occurrence and many companies are victims of hackers. Yesterday, the company sites HKEX.com.hk and HKEXGroup.com have encountered some problems due to a denial-of-service attack resulting in a delay in the operation of the site. However, the attack was quite serious. Experts hope this will not happen again.

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