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Home security Facebook Scam: New, dangerous phishing messages currently

Facebook Scam: New, dangerous phishing messages currently

Facebook is not new to phishing attacks. Every now and then, scammers come up with a new phishing technique to destroy the accounts of as many users as possible. Recently, a new online phishing scam has been launched platform of social network.

The consultant for Social mediaMatt Navarra posted a tweet about this scam. According to the screenshot he shares, the message sent to various users appears to come from the official Facebook account. In the message, users are informed by Facebook that they will remove their blue verification badge due to concerns about Security Issues within 24 hours of message delivery. A link is then attached, which will confirm when users click ID card their.

The reason why many users have not been the victim of fraud is the poor formatting of the message. There are spelling as well as grammatical errors, in addition to the threatening way in which they are addressed to users. These factors easily signal that this is a phishing attack scam.

Many Facebook users are surprised that despite the fact that Facebook is based on AI and ML to improve the platform, hackers can still use the Facebook logo as a projection image.

Any user who is a victim of this trick communicates their data to hacker. It remains to be seen how Facebook will address this problem and what measures are needed to ensure that it does not occur at future. For now, we will give you the usual but very important advice, not to put your personal information in a link that you do not know if it is authentic.



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